On July 26, 2020, two-year-old Kamdyn was found alone near Willowbrook Apartments in Miramar, FL. Officials believe the boy was with his mother, 21-year-old Leila Cavett, whose whereabouts are still unknown. While officials continue to search for Cavett, Kamdyn has been placed under the care of various people all of which whom he doesn’t know. The Miami Herald says that after the two-year-old was found, he was first placed under the care of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Investigations Section and has since been assigned to foster parents.

But Kamdyn actually has family that is willing to take him in while the search for Leila Cavett continues.

Unfortunately, because there are “multiple states involved, which include Florida, Georgia, and Alabama,” Kamdyn’s family has and continues to struggle to obtain custody over him. In fact, family members have even had to go as far as hiring a family law attorney to assist in their fight for custody. The source says Cavett lived in multiple states before her disappearance, with Florida being the most recent one.

Cavett was last seen in Hollywood, FL, about two miles from where her son was found. But before living in Florida, Cavett resided in Dawsonville, GA, which is a town located 60 miles northeast of Atlanta. Her sisters Lewis, Tyuania, and Curina Cavett, her brother, Curtis Cavett, and her mother Tina Kirby, are all from Jasper, Alabama. The news source says nearly all of Cavett’s family returned to Alabama at the end of July as per their lawyers’ recommendation to begin the legal process for custody.

The family’s lawyer told the source that he anticipates running into “more legal complications involving the man listed as Kamdyn’s “legal father” on Kamdyn’s birth certificate, Levi Arnold.” At the end of July, Daniel Lee West, 35, came forward as the child’s biological father and tried claiming custody of Kamdyn himself, says the source. However, he was informed by the Florida Department of Children and Families that he may have to take a DNA test to prove he is the child’s father.

The source shared that West met Cavett in Georgia while she was in a relationship with Arnold. The source says family members confirmed that he is the child’s biological father and that “Arnold stepped up as a father figure when the little boy was born.” Given the complexity of this case, it may be a while before Cavett’s family is able to obtain custody over the two-year-old.

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