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In Alaska, we believe in American family values and traditions. As much as possible, our laws and legislation favors the safeguarding and integrity of families and are predominantly aimed at keeping families together as much as possible.

Having said that, we do know that nearly 1 in 3 marriages in America end in divorce and Alaska is no exception. According to statistics Alaska has the third highest divorce rate of 13.05%.

Now since divorces are common in Alaska, it is understandable that some of them involve couples with children who are minors. This is why you need a child custody legal counselor in this situation so you are not hammered by your ex and the system. It may be dark a lot in Alaska in the winter time but works no matter if the sun is up or down. This site will give you the ability to find the legal counselor you need to help you get through this troubling point in your life.

There are several issues that arise here with parents who are divorcing, which include custody and visitation. In Alaska, once again child custody laws too are aimed to allow for shared custody as much as feasible since it is healthy for the child to spend quality time with both mother and father. Furthermore, it also keeps both parents involved and encourages them to share the duties and responsibilities involved in the upbringing of their children.

What is joint custody?

Contrary to popular belief, joint custody does not actually entail that both parents will get equal physical custody of the children or child. The divorce and familial legislation and Alaska child custody legislation makes a distinction among joint legal custody as opposed to joint physical custody.

Joint legal custody considers a scenario where both husband and wife have the same rights and responsibilities when it comes to all important decisions with regards to the child or children, for instance, medical care, faith, schooling, and so forth.

Furthermore, a divorce court may even assign the power to make certain decisions to one parent, while other decisions could be made cordially and together with both parents having the same say.

As per the strict definition of joint physical custody in this state both parents will be able to get frequent and sufficient time to spend with their child or children, which is also known as shared parenting or co-parenting.

However, just because you have been granted joint physical custody, this does not promise or imply in any way that you are assured equal time with the children as your spouse. It only means that you have the legal right to enjoy equally shared custody and it is your responsibility to work with your spouse to figure out logistics which will ensure that equal custody will transpire.

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