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Orlando Florida Custody Lawyers Discuss New Custody Law For Unwed Fathers

October 25, 2023/by

Rock star parents make national news for custody issues and restraining orders

April 5, 2023/by brian

Celebrity discusses challenges that parents may face following their divorce

March 15, 2023/by brian

Parents involved in shooting at time when custody exchange was supposed to happen

March 7, 2023/by brian

Woman Loses Custody of Son to Ex-Wife and Sperm Donor

February 20, 2023/by jennifer

Strange custody agreement is enforced against mother by a judge

February 9, 2023/by brian

Mom Ordered to Bottle Feed As Part of Child Custody Agreement

February 5, 2023/by jennifer

Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex, Will Likely Get Custody of Twins

January 21, 2023/by jennifer

How can a parent prepare for questioning during a custody hearing in Brooklyn?

January 6, 2023/by brian

How can a parent’s financial situation be relevant in some custody battles in Phoenix?

November 29, 2022/by brian

What can happen when parents have disputes related to their children in Brooklyn?

November 25, 2022/by brian

When does a parent only have visitation rights in Brooklyn?

November 14, 2022/by brian

This is how a parent can lose all of their custody rights in Phoenix

October 21, 2022/by brian

How can child custody be modified in Traverse City?

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How is travel and relocation handled in custody cases in Brooklyn?

September 17, 2022/by brian

Here is the process to modify custody in Brooklyn

September 16, 2022/by brian

How are a child’s thoughts considered in a custody dispute in Corpus Christi?

September 15, 2022/by brian

What happens in a custody dispute in Riverside when there are siblings present?

September 15, 2022/by brian

What types of custody are possible in St. Louis?

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When are two parents given joint custody in Phoenix?

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When will a judge order supervised visitation in Santa Ana?

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How can living and travel arrangements affect a custody case in Yuma?

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Here are the possible outcomes of a custody dispute in Anaheim

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How is the concept of parental responsibility used in custody cases in Aurora?

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This is what happens when custody is not contested in Honolulu

September 10, 2022/by brian

Does a parent’s gender matter in a custody dispute in Brooklyn?

September 9, 2022/by brian

These situations may require the services of a custody lawyer in Tampa

September 9, 2022/by brian

What is in a shared parenting plan in Bakersfield?

September 8, 2022/by brian

How does a parent in New Orleans prove they can keep a child safe?

September 7, 2022/by brian

Does a custodial parent always receive child support in New York?

September 6, 2022/by brian

What is conservatorship in custody cases in Arlington?

September 6, 2022/by brian

These are the ways parents can increase their chances of gaining custody in Wichita

September 5, 2022/by brian

These are the custody issues that parents in Cleveland should know about

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What events can cause custody disputes in Phoenix?

September 4, 2022/by brian

Here is what can happen if a parent is unprepared for a custody hearing in Tulsa

September 3, 2022/by brian

What custody doctrines are relevant to parents in Minneapolis?

September 2, 2022/by brian

What do Las Vegas courts understand by the ‘best interests of a child standard’?

September 2, 2022/by jacqueline

What is custodial interference in Yuma?

September 1, 2022/by brian

This is the purpose of a guardian ad litem in a custody dispute in Oakland

September 1, 2022/by brian

8 tips to help you prepare for a child custody hearing in Portland

September 1, 2022/by jacqueline

What are the rights of a de facto custodian in Louisville/Jefferson County?

August 31, 2022/by jacqueline

Here are some ways that custody is shared in Miami

August 31, 2022/by brian

Can parents deviate from the visitation schedule in Oklahoma City?

August 30, 2022/by jacqueline

If we have shared custody does anyone pay child support in Baltimore? 

August 30, 2022/by jacqueline

What happens if we cannot agree on a parenting plan in Nashville-Davidson?

August 30, 2022/by jacqueline

How does a person file for custody rights in Raleigh?

August 30, 2022/by brian

These are the factors that determine custody in Washington DC

August 30, 2022/by jacqueline

When can I change a custody order in Boston?

August 30, 2022/by jacqueline

This is what courts in Omaha do when one parent needs to move

August 29, 2022/by brian

Do Denver courts favor the mother over the father?

August 29, 2022/by jacqueline

Why do I need a Guardian ad Litem in a Seattle custody case?

August 29, 2022/by jacqueline

What are the rights of the non-custodial parent in Memphis?

August 29, 2022/by jacqueline

What factors are used in Brooklyn to determine the best interests of the child?

August 29, 2022/by brian

Can a parent with a criminal record receive custody in New York?

August 28, 2022/by brian

Olivia Wilde Opens Up About Being Served Child Custody Papers Publicly

August 28, 2022/by jennifer

These are the reasons why a parent’s past relationship with a child is important in Colorado Springs

August 28, 2022/by brian

How to file an agreed divorce with children in El Paso

August 28, 2022/by jacqueline

What are the duties of a child custody lawyer in Atlanta?

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What is a custody settlement in Virginia Beach?

August 26, 2022/by brian

Why do judges look at the Established Custodial Environment in a Detroit custody case?

August 26, 2022/by jacqueline

What rights does a father have if unmarried in Fort Worth?

August 25, 2022/by jacqueline

How does child custody affect support payments in Mesa?

August 25, 2022/by brian

Who is most likely to get custody in Charlotte, NC?

August 25, 2022/by jacqueline

9 factors that determine child custody in Traverse City

August 25, 2022/by jacqueline

Do I need a parenting plan in Columbus?

August 24, 2022/by jacqueline

What is a temporary custody order in Phoenix?

August 24, 2022/by brian

San Francisco custody basics – Reasonable visitation vs. Fixed visitation

August 24, 2022/by jacqueline

Parents in Kansas City should know these custody laws

August 24, 2022/by brian

This is how you can win full custody in Jacksonville

August 23, 2022/by jacqueline

Questions asked at an Indianapolis child custody hearing

August 23, 2022/by jacqueline

Why do Austin courts prefer shared custody agreements?

August 23, 2022/by jacqueline

Three things parents fear when going through custody issues in Long Beach

August 23, 2022/by brian

At what age can a child choose their custodial parent in San Jose?

August 22, 2022/by jacqueline

How to win full custody in a Dallas court

August 22, 2022/by jacqueline

This is how parties other than parents are eligible for child custody rights in Sacramento

August 22, 2022/by brian

Are fathers entitled to 50/50 custody in San Diego?

August 22, 2022/by jacqueline

How does the Equal Parenting Act influence a child custody case in San Antonio?

August 22, 2022/by jacqueline

What is considered an unfit parent in Phoenix, AZ?

August 21, 2022/by jacqueline

Are Philadelphia courts more inclined to give primary custody to women?

August 21, 2022/by jacqueline

What are the most common child custody arrangements in Houston?

August 21, 2022/by jacqueline

Do I need a parenting plan in Chicago?

August 21, 2022/by jacqueline

These are the four types of visitation in custody disputes in Fresno

August 21, 2022/by brian

How are visitation rights decided in a Los Angeles child custody case?

August 21, 2022/by jacqueline

Can a child choose their guardian in a New York City custody case?

August 20, 2022/by jacqueline

Solve all your child custody issues with the help of a good lawyer in Stamford, CT

August 20, 2022/by jacqueline

These are the two types of custody in Tucson

August 20, 2022/by brian

These are some common questions about child custody issues in Albuquerque

August 19, 2022/by brian

This is the standard that is used to make custody determinations in Milwaukee

August 19, 2022/by brian

When is full custody awarded to one parent in Arizona?

August 15, 2022/by brian

Two ways to show good parenting in a custody dispute in Phoenix

August 3, 2022/by brian