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Child custody battles and issues make an already stressful and emotional process of divorce even more traumatic.

There are several terms of divorce which come to the forefront during a divorce such as property division, asset separation, mortgage assignment, alimony, child support, etc. but the most essential one for any parent will be that of child custody. Assets and property can be regained, but you cannot get back the lost quality time that you ought to have spent with your child or children.

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Understanding the legal intricacies around child custody in California

Child custody is a complex legal matter where custody battles can stem not only from a divorce, but also from other cases such as domestic violence, child abuse allegations, move-away cases, separation cases, and so forth.

The main point to note when it comes to child custody and the way in which jurors or family judges determine whom gets custody decision/verdict is the well-being and the future of the child.

Therefore, whichever parent is considered to better the future of the child and is seen as the one who is more capable at parenting will be given custody. Furthermore, custody can be of different types. This includes physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, joint legal custody, joint physical custody, and so on.

As far as possible, the judicial system will make every effort to give both parents time with the child because it is considered paramount that both of them are a part of the child’s upbringing. However, in cases where one parent is deemed unfit then he or she might not get any custody or even visitation rights at all.

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