Local news for New York reported on a divorced celebrity couple that also experienced recent issues with child abuse

Father is accused of beating his 16 year old son and is under investigation

Jon Gosselin, who was known for the television series “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” was accused of domestic violence by one of his eight children. 

Local police were able to confirm that his 16 year old son had called the police on Jon, but they could not provide any further details due to the ongoing investigation. The media was able to obtain a report that said the 16 year old suffered bodily injury during a parent’s intentional act or negligent behavior. The son’s version of the story was posted on social media, but was deleted shortly afterward. The post claimed that the young man was punched and suffered a bloody nose, and that he was also kicked in the ribs several times during the altercation. 

The child’s mother, Kate, had recently said in an interview with People magazine that there is no excuse for this kind of behavior, and she also blamed the court system which is supposed to protect the best interests of her children. She said that she no longer wants him around any of her children.

The couple had been married for approximately 10 years and had a successful reality show before they divorced in 2009. They had 8 children together, which include a set of twins and sextuplets. The 16 year old victim has special needs, and he lives with his father and one of the couple’s daughters. The other 6 children stay with their mother, and Jon has admitted that he is not on speaking terms with most of them based on their decision to avoid him and his lack of custody rights

The county where the incident happened assigned their Child and Youth Services Division to investigate the conflict, but the investigation remained open and unresolved. They had not released any additional information to the media at the time of the news report.  

Getting legal assistance with domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very real problem, and any spouses, children, or family members can potentially be involved. Any family member may either become a victim or a perpetrator. Most states in the country have a separate court system to handle these kinds of cases due to their severity and related issues that may be affecting a family. The Brooklyn area has created an Integrated Domestic Violence court to handle all of these matters. After an investigation, a parent who is responsible for abusing a child may lose their custody rights

Seek immediate help to stop domestic violence or child abuse

You can speak with an attorney in the Brooklyn area about issues such as divorce, domestic violence, and child custody. To get more information from a local licensed lawyer, contact:

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