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Child custody attorneys in Colorado assist with resolution to parental time-sharing.

Colorado – July 13, 2021

Customarily, child custody disputes come with heightened emotional responses which can be volatile in nature.  The impacts to families can be unhealthy if child custody timesharing is not worked out in an amicable fashion.  Calm and quick resolution with the assistance of a Colorado child custody lawyer may be the balancing force in the future relationship with children for each parent regarding their:

  • living space(s),
  • changes in routine,
  • feelings of anxiety, and
  • community stability.

Consultation with experienced family law attorneys at Anderson Barkley Law Firm may reduce anxiety for divorcing parties when determinations of child custody are required.

Time-sharing options.

Divorcing parties may request a detailed explanation of their custody options and a child custody lawyer can explain Colorado laws relevant to each case, as they pertain to both parents’ legal responsibility to the children. Battles involving child custody are best addressed with an objective voice that an experienced attorney can provide to avoid negative family impacts and important decisions regarding physical custody of children, timesharing, visitation, household stability and when, or if parents can move out of state.

Parental responsibility. 

Parental responsibility is different from time-sharing.  It entails decisions that will affect the life and activities of a child regarding their education, religion, medical care, and extra-curricular activities, despite the fact that one parent may have more physical time with a child than the other.  A child custody attorney can be instrumental in child custody modifications when one parent needs changes to custody.

Child custody impacts support.

Child custody is directly linked to the amount of child support each parent is required to pay and a child custody lawyer can assist clients with filing distinctions when children are involved, including a child support information sheet, support obligation income affidavits, and a notice of compliance in accordance with Colorado law.

Parental plan. 

 It is best for divorcing parties, or unmarried couples to take pre-emptive measures and try to create a comprehensive time-sharing agreement, agreed upon by both parents in advance, to present to legal representation and file it with the court.  A child custody attorney can file a formal order to request changes for custody when necessary, and advise clients on custody factors that a judge will consider to include:

  1. Willingness of a parent to encourage a good relationship between a child and the other parent,
  2. Willingness to honor the time-sharing schedule,
  3. Putting their own needs after the child’s needs,
  4. Home environment provides stability for the child,
  5. Physical, emotional, and mental health of each parent,
  6. Past child abuse, domestic violence, or child endangerment,
  7. The desire of the child, if the child is old enough to decide,
  8. Willingness and ability to participate in a child’s education and other activities.

Hire legal counsel.

It may be prudent to seek legal counsel to make sure parents can provide a foundation in their children’s lives, and the children are given enough time to know both parents.  They will be instrumental in rulings for:

  • Physical custody – custody that is in the best interests of the child, considering age, parental preference, mental and physical health of parents, child’s community, school, and home environment; parental history of violence; relationship with child and moral standing.
  • Visitation – a parent not granted custody, or joint custody of a child is entitled to reasonable visitation.
  • Impacts of family violence – in cases involving a history of family violence, or domestic abuse, including sexual abuse, a court may determine an award of custody based on Colorado family violence laws.

Anderson Barkley family law attorneys in Denver will make certain that all relevant factors regarding child custody disputes will be unearthed so that the parent who has physical custody of the child will receive the necessary support they need during a transition, or for longer in some cases before the final divorce and child custody agreements are signed and filed.

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