Colorado Child Custody Lawyers and Attorneys

Irrespective of whether you are going through a divorce, legal separation, an annulment, or a paternity case, child custody will be a fundamental part of the legal proceedings if you and your former spouse had children together.

The most critical concept to understand about child custody in Colorado is that the number one factor which family judges and jurors consider is the best interest of the child, his/her future, and well-being.

Therefore, whichever parent will facilitate a better life and future for the child in question will generally have an upper hand when it comes to child custody battles in such family law cases. However, that is just the tip of the ice berg. Child custody can be a complex issue while there are also many different types of child custody granted under state law.

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Child custody vs. parental responsibility

In Colorado, the terms parental responsibility and joint custody or sole custody are used interchangeably. Therefore, parental responsibility could mean either joint custody, sole custody, or primary custody.

Joint parental responsibility or joint custody

Joint custody or joint parental responsibility is the preferred type of custody which family judges like to grant in most divorce cases because of the fact that a child requires both mother and father in its life and will be best served if the child is able to spend quality time with both parents. This type of custody is where both parents are granted an equal amount of overnight visitation rights.

Primary parent

When one parent is given more time or overnight visitation rights with the child or the children when compared to the other one, then the parent that receives the higher amount of overnight visitation is referred to as the primary parent. Usually, when one parent has less than 90 overnight visitations with the child or the children, then the other parent is going to be the primary parent.

The different types of custody arrangements available by Colorado state family law

  • Alternating – This is a type of arrangement where both parents get to spend time with their child or children in turn and they also take turns when it comes to legal custody or making decisions as the parent. Therefore, alternating sole custody and alternating legal custody together is what is known as alternating custody.
  • Shared – This is where both parents share legal custody of the child and have to make these decisions together, but they alternate the physical custody.
  • Joint – Both parents have physical and legal custody in parallel and at the same time.
  • Sole – Only one of the parents is awarded both physical and legal custody of the child or children.
  • Split – When there are multiple children, then each parent may have sole custody over certain children. For example, the mother may have sole custody of the daughter and the father may have sole custody of the son.

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