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Understandably, one of the most critical issues in a divorce is child custody because as we all know, quality time lost with your child is not something you will ever be able to get back as opposed to other divorce related issues such as:

  • property division
  • asset separation
  • alimony
  • child support
  • and this list can continue

These are things that you can get back. But time lost is a different matter entirely.

This is predominantly why the issue of child custody also happens to be the most highly contended thing in a divorce case as both mother and father vie for legal and physical custody over their child or children.

In some divorces, where the two spouses involved have children together, the issue of child custody is inevitable and can turn into a contentious issue if the parents do not agree. If you even believe your marriage is headed south and your children are going to be treated like pawns you need to use USAttorneys.com to your advantage and secure for yourself a child custody legal professional.

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The most important factor considered in child custody cases

The judicial system, family court judges, and jurors in Connecticut are taxed with the duty of determining how child custody should be setup after a divorce is finalized. Should one parent get sole custody or should both parents split the custody in joint custody? Should one parent get legal custody while the other gets physical custody? If multiple children are involved, which parent should be granted custody of which child is a major issue.

In order to make these decisions, the most significant element that will be considered is the child’s best interest. This means that whatever the judge in charge deems will be best for the child in terms of its upbringing, quality of life, future, and overall welfare, will be the way to go forward.

Thus if it is evident that the child would be better off with the mother in the sense that they would have more financial stability, have a secure future education, and so forth then it is the mother who will get custody or majority of the custody over the child.

Different types of child custody

The common misconception about child custody is that it only pertains to physical custody. However, the truth is that there are several different types of custody arrangements in The Nutmeg State.

Legal custody – The parent who is granted legal custody over a child will be the parent who gets to make decisions about the child regarding important matters such as education, religion, health, and so forth. So the parent with legal custody will essentially be the legal guardian.

Physical custody – This pertains to the actual physical possession of the child. The parent who gets physical custody is the one that the child will live with while the other parent might have visitation rights, for instance.

Likewise, there is also split custody, joint legal custody, joint physical custody, and so forth.

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