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If you are going through a divorce or legal separation and you happen to have children together then you may be wondering which one of you will get legal and physical custody over the child and what factors the judicial system considers when making this decision.

The answer to the question is straight forward: there is one fundamental factor and that is the child’s best interests. Therefore, whichever custody arrangement the judge deems will be best in terms of the health, well-being, upbringing, education, and future of the child is what will be passed.

However, the best interest of the child is a rather unspecific term and so there are many other factors which will be considered to determine who or what sort of custody arrangement will actually be in the best interest of the child.

Right here at you will find a host of judicious child custody legal counselors who are well aware of exactly what these factors are and know how to shape their arguments and present their clients in the best light in terms of the aspects below:

Factors considered by Florida family courts when deciding child custody and visitation arrangements 

  1. The ability of each parent to keep up a healthy parent child relationship between the child and the other parent
  2. Each parent’s ability to abide by the instructions and custody/visitation schedule set by the family court and the flexibility of the parent to be able to accept and adapt to changes made to the schedule.
  3. Which parent will be responsible for what?
  4. Which parent is more likely to put the needs of child before their own needs?
  5. The duration for which the child has previously stayed with the parent and the stability and integrity of that relationship.
  6. The ability of parent to be able to abide by their parenting plan even if and when travelling is thrown into the equation in order for visitations.
  7. The moral compass of each of the parents.
  8. The mental and physical health of each of the parents.
  9. If the child is mature and old enough, the preference of the child itself.
  10. Any parent that has a record or history of domestic violence, criminal history, drug abuse, alcoholism, etc. will find their chances at winning custody are severely handicapped.
  11. Any other factor that may relate to the best interest of the child.

Why you need a committed child custody legal professional  

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