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For the most part, child custody laws are complex and require an expert in family law to apply the right statutes and codes.

If child custody is a bone of contention in your divorce what you need is competent and sagacious child custody legal representative to make sure you receive a fair settlement in your child’s best interests. And is just the place to connect with leading legal professionals.

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Hawaii child custody laws

Child custody cases seek to determine which parent should a child live with or which parent should have the rights to make decisions concerning the child. Hawaii has its own set of unique laws to decide such cases. Many states make a distinction between legal custody and physical custody.

For example, they may grant joint legal custody but sole physical custody, based on the circumstances. However, Hawaii does not have any clear definition of the term legal custody. It is generally used in the same sense as in other states to denote a parent’s right to make decisions related to the child.

Joint vs. sole custody

If the court grants joint legal custody, then both the parents have equal rights to make decisions related to the child. However, if sole legal custody is granted, then the right to make decisions related to the child rests with the parent who has been given the custody. The other parent will not have any right to be involved in the decision making process.

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However, if the court grants sole custody, the other parent has the right to challenge the court’s verdict. This is where our legal pros can also help with our hard work and ability to yield the law in favor of our clients and to make sure they are not cheated by the system or their ex. There are several benefits associated with seeking legal counsel early on, which is especially important when Hawaii has complex state specific laws related to child custody.

A child custody legal representative can also help you in other areas such as conflict of opinion where two parents do not agree upon a decision related to the child. Such parents may try to undermine each other and may eventually harm the child’s interests. A lawyer in this realm is in the best position to tactfully handle such situations. Make sure you have one on your side.

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While courts take the utmost care to reach the best possible decision in the cases of child custody they could still make mistakes or misconstrue a situation. In such cases, our attorneys can guide you in the right direction and play a vital role in help securing your child’s future.

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