Here are some ways that custody is shared in Miami

Miami, FL – When parents have a custody dispute, they will need to come up with some schedule that works for the both of them. This can be accomplished either through a settlement if the parents agree to the plan, or the judge will make the final decision based on the best interests of the child if the parents are unable to come to a settlement. It is also most likely that the parents will be given a fairly even split in custody time unless there is some kind of misconduct or inability to be with the child due to their work schedule. There are a few common examples of custody plans that assist parents with sharing their time with their children. If there needs to be changes, modifications, or any problems arise, the parent should meet with their lawyers to discuss the situation and schedule a hearing if necessary. 

Multiple week exchanges

Especially as a child gets older and becomes more self-sufficient, it can be convenient for the parents to only exchange custody every two or three weeks. This can be especially helpful if there is an even custody split and the parents each have equal intervals of time with the child before transferring custody to the other. In situations where the child is approaching adulthood, the court assigned to the case will also give more preference to the child’s own thoughts about where they should spend their time. Under Florida law, once the child reaches eighteen they are considered an adult, although parents may still have a custody plan in place until the child finishes high school. 

Alternating groups of two and three days

Because there are seven days in a week, it can be difficult to split custody time exactly in half on a weekly schedule. Some parents who want to see their child each week can have plans of alternating weeks where there are two days with one parent, three with the other, then the final two with the parent who started the week. This can be reversed the following week to give the other parent four total days of custody the next time. 

This kind of arrangement will tend to work best for parents who are in close physical proximity to each other who can make exchanges quickly with the help of Miami custody lawyers

One week at a time

When parents have an even custody split after working with Miami divorce lawyers, the most straightforward way to share time is usually to alternate entire weeks. This means that the child would spend one week with a parent, then the following week with their other parent, then the schedule repeats. 

Information about child custody and other legal disputes in Miami

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