Child custody lawyer in Houston, Texas discusses parenting plans and their benefits

Houston, TX- When divorcing, many Texas couples must deal with the issue of child custody. It’s a vexing issue that couples have trouble agreeing on and can lead to a great deal of fighting. A couple can ease some of their tensions over child custody arrangements by first developing a parenting plan. Here USAttorneys will discuss what a parenting plan is and how it can with child custody issues.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan is a child custody agreement that is utilized as a couple goes through a divorce. A parenting plan covers who will get custody during separation and outlines a visitation schedule. Parenting plans are legally binding and most family courts are going to ask couples who have children to present one.

Parenting plans dictate what child custody arrangement a couple will adhere to while their divorce is ongoing. Such plans also cover issues of which parent has custody on holidays or which school a child will attend. A parenting plan also states which parent is responsible for managing a child’s school schedule and activities.

Questions to ask while developing a parenting plan?

Like developing a child custody, coming up with a parenting plan can be difficult and fraught with difficulties. There are questions you and your estranged spouse can ask to come up with parenting plan:

What is in the best interest of my child or children? Who will be the primary caregiver? Is joint custody appropriate? Would a sole custody arrangement with visitation would be better? Which parent lives closer to a child’s school? Which parent drives them back and forth from school, activities and appointments? Who schedules medical appointments? Which parent does the child want to love with? When does a parent have time to spend with their child?

How can I benefit from a parenting plan?

A parenting plan allows you clarity about child custody arrangements while you work out the details of your divorce. It also assures the family court is confident a child is getting the care they need. A parenting plan will also give parents the chance to try out different living arrangements and visitation schedule. USAttorneys recommends you meet with a child custody lawyer in Texas to discuss parenting plans. They can explain why you need one and how you can benefit.

If you are having trouble coming up with a parenting plan, an attorney can help, or you may have to leave the decisions up to a family court. Call and set up a consultation today. We can connect you with a child custody lawyer can assist you all aspects of your divorce.

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