How does a parent in New Orleans prove they can keep a child safe?

New Orleans, LA – The government in Louisiana and other states has an interest in keeping children in a safe and secure environment whenever custody becomes an issue. This is why courts attempt to minimize disruptions and keep a child away from a parent who is violent or abusive. Things like being exposed to crime and substance abuse by either parent can also become safety concerns as well. In order for the judge to feel confident that the child’s best interests will be met, they will only give custody rights to parents who can demonstrate an ability to provide appropriate accommodations for the child so that they will not be placed in danger. Lawyers can provide more specific details about state custody laws and how they can affect any particular case. 

The standard for custody determinations

New Orleans divorce lawyers often work with recently separated parents to explain the best interests of the child standard used in custody cases. This means that the judge will evaluate each parent’s situation in terms of employment, stability, ability to commit time to the child, and ensure that the child will not be harmed if in their custody. If the child in question has additional or special needs, these can be a factor in custody determinations as well. 

The parent’s prior history of positive or negative actions

One of the most important issues in a custody hearing is what the parent has actually done regarding things like their relationship with the child, how much time and money they have invested, and whether they have any past incidents with crime, domestic violence, abuse or neglect. Judges are more likely to believe that a child’s best interests can be met by a parent in a stable environment who has already invested significantly in the child’s upbringing and made efforts to take care of them. New Orleans custody lawyers are the best solution for parents who need to be able to present this kind of evidence to judges during hearings. 

Evidence of investments in the child

A person who is able to invest enough resources into the child’s upbringing will usually be able to keep them safe as well. This generally requires adequate income for things like transportation, healthcare, education, and social activities. Any parent who has an upcoming custody hearing should try to obtain medical records, school records, and bills or receipts from money spent on essentials for the child. Testimony from others about the time and money that the parent invests in the child and their relationship can be beneficial as well. 

Additional information about child custody disputes in New Orleans

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