How often does a parent with custody of a child need to allow visitation in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg, FL – When parents share custody of a child after a divorce or due to other reasons, their obligations under a parenting plan become legally binding. This means that the plan is not a recommendation or a suggestion, but that the parents absolutely have to follow the schedule. The court has already considered the best interests of the child before making the plan, therefore it is assumed that the best situation for the child is to have the appropriate amount of time with each parent. 

Court orders and custody time

A custody order is assumed to serve the best interests of the child as evaluated by a family court. Once a judge has formally created a custody order and shared parenting plan after a hearing, the two parents must follow the plan strictly. If there is no legally binding order in place, the parent with custody does not have to give into demands for visitation from the other biological parent. This is especially true if the court has already denied one parent any custody rights or time to visit for various reasons. 

When a parent does not follow the plan and tries to avoid the schedule given by the judge, they can be held in contempt and face various forms of punishment. In order to avoid these consequences, the parent should petition the court to make changes formally if they feel that they have a good reason to deviate from the plan in place. 

Can a parent who does not have access to the child withhold child support?

Any parent who is subject to an order for support must make their payments when required to do so. If the parent is concerned that they may not be receiving enough time with their child as required by the order, or the other parent is not giving them any custody time at all, they should contact their attorney to schedule a hearing and make the judge aware of the situation. The judge may potentially make child support modifications, but until there is a legally binding order that changes the prior amount, the parent must keep making these payments or face penalties. In other words, changes need to be formally made through the courts and judge assigned to the case, and parents cannot take action to change support or custody issues on their own.  

Family law attorneys in St. Petersburg

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