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Divorce cases can be stressful with complex legal issues that can only exacerbate the situation. When a couple has been involved in a long term marriage, there are going to be many aspects that will need to be resolved and the judge will need to iron them out properly.

The usual terms of divorce which are contested and which judges need to make decisions on are issues such as:

  • property division
  • asset separation
  • spousal support
  • child support, etc.

However, one of the most highly contested terms of divorce is child custody.

Obviously, money lost or property lost is something that can be regained, but quality time lost with your child is not something that you will ever be able to get back. Therefore, it is understandable that in divorce cases where minor children are involved child custody is the most contested aspect of the divorce. It also usually takes the longest time for judges to come up with a solid custody plan which fosters the child’s best interest.

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What are the child custody laws in Illinois?

Child custody is basically classified into two different parts under The Prairie State law namely, physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody refers to the actual physical possession of the child. This type of custody can further be broken down into joint physical custody, sole physical custody, etc.

In some arrangements:

  • one parent is awarded the physical custody of the child and the other gets visitation rights.
  • both parents may be granted split and equal physical custody.
  • marriages with multiple kids one parent may get physical custody over one child while the other parent could get physical custody over the other child, etc.
  • The other type of custody is legal custody. Legal custody is the custody by virtue of which the parent that has it gets to make decisions about the child and its future such as the child’s religious beliefs (getting baptized, understanding the importance of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of Abraham Lincoln, The Founding Fathers, and so on), child’s education (public school or a private school), healthcare, sports (can the son play football or not or engage in fighting sports like Taekwondo and so on) or music or both, etc.

Factors judges consider when contemplating child custody arrangements

As mentioned, the number one factor which a judge considers when deciding custody is the child’s best interests. Therefore, whoever the judge deems will provide the best for the child and will be best for its upbringing and future prospects it is most likely that that parent will receive custody.

The judge will also check the history of the parents to see if there is any past history of:

  • domestic violence
  • fighting
  • alcoholism
  • drug use
  • being aggressive with other parents
  • getting kicked out of Little League games, for instance
  • abuse, etc.

Your children are precious

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