Need An Indiana Child Custody Lawyer or Child Support Attorney? You Came To The Right Place

If you happen to be involved in a divorce and you and your soon to be former spouse have children together then it is likely that the most contested term of divorce is going to be custody.

Of course there are going to be several other aspects to the divorce such as:

  • property division
  • asset separation
  • alimony
  • mortgage allocation, etc.

…..but understandably, the custody of the child or children in question is going to take priority.

At you can get connected with the top legal professionals to help ensure that you get to keep your children or at least that you get a child custody/visitation arrangement which is desirable to you. Our websites enables anyone to secure legal help so they are not hammered by the system. Your ex may have gotten the jump on you in this divorce but they may not have heard of this site here.

Our site makes it very easy for anyone to find a family law legal counselor so they can match the opposition’s chess moves in this marriage fallout.

Some of the common questions our legal experts encounter are:

  • Does it really matter since the mother always gets custody of the child?
  • What about the father’s rights?

Who gets custody of the child?

It is crucial to be aware that the mother does not always get custody of the child. There are several instances where fathers are awarded custody. However, if you look at it statistically, the numbers will show beyond a doubt that in most divorce cases in The Hoosier State (not unlike in most other states of the US) the mothers are actually favored and they do get custody of the child substantially more often than fathers acquire custody of the child.

However, there is nothing in the legislation or laws that bend this in favor of the mothers. In fact, a conscious effort has been made to ensure that child custody laws are gender neutral and that both the mother and the father will start off on a level playing field.

The two different types of custody in Indiana

When the term child custody is used, most people only think about the actual physical custody of the child. However, there are two sides to the coin. Physical custody is just one type of child custody; the other being legal custody.

Physical custody refers to the actual physical possession of the child. The parent that has physical custody of the child is whom the child will live with. The other parent may or may not have visitation rights. In some cases, the courts will give both parents joint physical custody (especially when the parents live close together and are on amicable terms despite the divorce).

Of course, the child’s preference, his or her best interest and future are the main factors in determining who gets physical custody of the child.

On the other hand, the parent that has legal custody will be the legal guardian of the child for all intents and purposes and will be responsible for making decisions about the child and their future.

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