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Has Your Ex Wife Taken The Kids After A Divorce? Contact Our Child Custody Attorneys To Get Them Back

When a marriage comes to an end through divorce and the spouses involved have children together then one of the major and most sensitive matters that need careful attention is who gets custody over the child. This is also, in most cases, the most highly contested term of any divorce as both parents will obviously want to keep or spend the maximum amount of time with their children.

In Iowa the decision lies in the hands of a judge and not a jury who will rule in terms of both custody and visitation rights.

So what does the judge consider when making this decision? Well, the number one factor is the best interest of the child. The judge is likely to focus on which parent can provide the child a quality life and a brighter future, and who seems more responsible in The Hawkeye State.

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Joint legal custody – usually what the judges like

One of the factors that will be in the best interest of the child is the child having a balanced upbringing where it gets to spend quality time with both the mother and the father. Judges will in most cases tend to favor joint custody where both the parents share legal custody of the child.

Joint legal custody, however, does not mean the actual physical possession of the child or who the child gets to live with. It refers to who is responsible for making decisions about the child and his or her life while still a minor and therefore cannot make these decisions alone.

When legal custody is shared between the two parents, effectively, they need to coordinate and make these decisions together.

Only in some cases with a history of abuse the judge may consider providing sole legal custody to one of the parents, which is of course the one who isn’t the perpetrator of the abuse.

Joint physical custody – not the most preferred arrangement in Iowa

Physical custody refers to who the child lives with primarily. Therefore, joint physical custody refers to both parents getting to share the child in terms of living arrangements. However, unless the parents have an amicable relationship dynamic despite the divorce and also live in close proximity to each other, joint physical custody is something Iowa judges tend to refrain from passing no matter the paradigm.

The logistics can get complex and instead of bettering the life of the child, it can just become an inconvenience or even an impediment in some cases.

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