Joint Child Custody in St. Louis, Missouri

When parents are awarded joint custody, their children have fewer emotional problems.

Divorce lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri discusses joint custody

St. Louis, MO- One of the hardest issues for divorcing couples on St. Louis to deal with is child custody. Parents want to make the best decision for their children, so they often wrangle with which child custody arrangement will be best for their child or children. In this article, USAttorneys’ legal team will discuss joint custody and why it may

Types of child custody arrangements in Missouri

Joint physical and legal custody awarded to both parents

Joint physical custody awarded to both parents with sole legal custody awarded to one

Sole physical and legal custody awarded to one parent

Or, custody (and visitation) awarded to a third party like a grandparent

Which custody arrangement is preferred?

Ultimately, family court judges in Missouri will choose the custody arrangement that is best for a child. While joint custody is preferred, it is not appropriate in all situations so that a judge may prefer sole custody. Sole custody is appropriate when one spouse is a drug addict or is physically abusive because putting a child in a joint custody arrangement could them at risk of harm.

child custody lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
If you are having trouble deciding of joint custody is right, we recommend you speak with an expert in child custody laws.

Why is joint custody preferred?

Several studies have shown that children are happier and mentally stable when they get to spend time with each parent. That is true even if a child moves from one home to the next on a regular basis, according to a recent study out of Sweden. Researchers for the study said children in joint custody arrangements suffer from fewer psychological issues like anxiety, insomnia, difficulty focusing and loss of appetite, Yahoo News reported. Even though children were shuttled from one parent’s residence to the next regularly, children were well-adjusted as opposed to children who only spent time with one parent.

Joint custody arrangements manifest in a few different ways. Some couples have joint physical custody, but only one parent has legal custody which gives them the power to make all decisions about a child’s health, education and legal affairs. In most cases, both parents have physical custody and legal custody. Even a grandparent or sibling can seek custody or visitation.

If you and your estranged spouse choose joint custody, both of you must work together and come up with the child with a visitation schedule. You and your estranged spouse must decide where your children will stay and which holidays they will spend with each parent. Developing a joint custody plan can be more complicated than it sounds. USAttorneys recommends you speak with a child custody lawyer in St. Louis to help you iron out the details of your child custody arrangement. You can rely on our team of accomplished attorneys to work in the best interest of your child. Call one of our skilled family lawyers today and get their help with your case.

Speak with a child custody lawyer in Missouri for assistance with any child custody issue that you may have.
Speak with a child custody lawyer in Missouri for assistance with any child custody issue that you may have.

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