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For parents who are based in Kansas and are unfortunately having to go through a divorce or a separation, one of the most imperative terms of their divorce is going to be child custody without a doubt.

Of course there are several other facets to a divorce such as:

  • alimony
  • asset division
  • mortgage responsibilities
  • child support, etc.

…..but money and property can be regained over time. However, quality time lost when your child is growing up is not something you can ever get back. Therefore, parents are often desperate to retain physical and legal custody of their children.

Considering that much of the time a child custody legal pro is a parent themselves, we completely understand the sentiment, the stress, and the angst that you are going through since most of us have children as well. At you will find the best legal experts who can lend more than just a helping hand.

They have the skills and resources to take care of every tiny detail of your divorce and your battle for child custody with your soon to be former spouse and will ensure that you get an outcome that is desirable to you. Use this site to find legal help. We enable you to do that multiple ways.

You can have a legal representative within a day using our site. You can call one of them up in just a couple of minutes from now as well.

Comprehending child custody laws in Kansas

Legislation governing child custody is of course extensive and complicated, which is why we have the best legal team that understands the ins and outs of it completely so that you don’t have to. Understandably, it is not pragmatic to expect a lay person to be well versed with all the convoluted laws and legal intricacies surrounding child custody. We are here to cover for you. However, it is always an astute idea to be familiar with the basics of the laws.

What you need to know and understand is that when it comes to determining who gets child custody the judge or the jury will almost always consider the child’s best interests. Therefore, whichever parents offers the best for the kid in terms of quality of life, upbringing, future, education, healthcare, etc. will obviously get the upper hand.

Another scenario

Another aspect that you should understand is that as much as possible, the judges or jurors will also be inclined to pass what is known as joint legal custody. This should not be confused with physical custody. Legal custody is the right of the parent to make decisions about the child and its future involving thing such as faith (Catholicism and so on), education (public or private or even home schooled), etc.

On the other hand physical custody refers to who the child actually lives with. There can be several different physical custody arrangements such as:

  • joint custody
  • split custody (multiple children)
  • sole custody
  • visitation rights, etc.

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Whatever the case may be, we can help you get the best out of it. We understand that your child is the apple of your eye, and will ensure that you continue to see your child as often and for as long as possible.

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