Whenever a parent engages in illegal activity or has a history or problems such as drug use and unemployment, the state may terminate their custody rights. In some cases, the state takes custody of a child if neither biological parent is suitable or available. 

A news report from Louisiana shows an example of the kind of reckless or criminal behavior that can cause a parent to lose custody

Woman working at Walmart is charged after giving birth and disposing of her child

The incident happened in Pointe Coupee Parish in the New Roads neighborhood. Police believe that a woman gave birth to an infant in a Walmart bathroom and attempted to leave the child in a garbage can afterward. The child was rescued in time, and law enforcement confirmed that the newborn will remain in state custody while her criminal case is pending. 

Police identified and arrested the mother, who was identified as a 34 year old female. She was charged with attempted second degree murder and held on a $500,000 bond. They believe that she was working as a Salvation Army holiday greeter at the retail store when the incident happened. 

Investigators confirmed that the child’s biological father was located, and he may be able to receive custody rights after a paternity test, although the judge assigned to the case said that there will need to be a separate hearing. He also held a position as a greeter at the same store. 

No other details were released about the incident at the time of the news report. Local police still plan to conduct a full investigation. 

Problems during a custody dispute

Child custody is usually the most highly contested issue during any divorce. Custody hearings can become turbulent, as it is common for both parents to present evidence that portrays the other as a bad parent or one who is not fit to raise a child due to past problems. 

In a normal divorce situation where there is no suspicion of criminal activity, it is important to prepare for custody hearings with your family law attorney. This will advise you about what information may be used to present yourself favorably to the court. This can include regular employment, financial responsibility, no criminal record, and a stable living situation. Because everyone’s situation is different, it is best to make sure you discuss the specifics of your case and possible strategies before going to court. 

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