Louisiana Child Cusotdy Lawyers and Attorneys

Custody over children is one of the most complex issues parents in Louisiana deal with after separating, and if not dealt with properly, can lead to severe repercussions for the entire family – especially if small children are involved.

If you are trying to determine the best possible custodial plan for your children , turn to an experienced child custody lawyer for assistance. Our site features quick and easy access to some of the most reputable, compassionate, and committed child custody attorneys in Louisiana who will help you resolve any disputes regarding your children and ensure that your rights as a parent are upheld. Browse USAttorneys.com today to learn more about the legal professionals practicing in your area, such as their educational background, methods employed when handling custody cases, and success stories so you can adequately select the attorney you feel will best represent your needs.

Louisiana Child Custody Laws

When parents cannot come to an agreement as to who should have physical custody of their children, or whether or not each parent should have the ability to make decisions that can impact their children’s lives, a child custody lawyer can step in to assist.

In Louisiana, both parents are given equal right to custody of their children, unless one or both exhibit behaviors that could render them unstable or endanger the lives of their children. However, unless a specific court order is filed prohibiting one or both parents from attaining custody, it is generally presumed that both the mother and the father will have equal rights to guardianship and custodial arrangements. This means that if both parents are deemed fit to have custody of their kids, one parent may not prevent the other from seeing their children, nor limit their ability to have a say in important decisions regarding their kids.

If a mutual decision regarding custody cannot be prearranged, then the court will schedule a hearing in which each parent is granted the opportunity to present and discuss their wishes and prepositions for sharing time with their children. After both sides are considered, the court will make a decision based solely on what is in the best interests of the children.

Protect Your Right to Custody With the Help of an Attorney

Unfortunately, even when dealing with instances in which both parents may be fit to share custody, disputes can arise. One parent may try to limit the other’s custodial rights, or even attempt to prohibit the other from having any contact with their children out of spite. To ensure this doesn’t occur, it is in every parent’s  best interest to hire an experienced Louisiana child custody attorney who can protect their rights.

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