Child Custody Attorneys and Lawyers in Maryland

How child custody is awarded in Maryland depends on several factors. Determining child custody is usually the biggest for a divorcing couple, but a child custody lawyer in Maryland can shed some light on this issue and make sure your child’s best interests are protected.

Which is the Best Child Custody Arrangement?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that children do better in school and have a better outlook if they get to spend time with both parents. That is why the family courts in Maryland prefer if parents agree to joint or shared custody. When joint custody is awarded, each parent has input and shares decisions about a child’s upbringing. Each parent also gets to spend equal time with their child or children. Types of joint custody arrangements are:

Joint legal custody

Joint physical custody

Joint legal and physical custody.

If one parent lives out of state, it’s hard for parents to have equal time with each parent. Joint custody is still possible, but the logistics may make things difficult. A child custody attorney can help

What Can Affect Child Custody?

Most family courts will award joint custody when they are involved in these decisions, but there are some cases when joint custody is not the appropriate

Following is a list of a few things that can impact how child custody is awarded:

History of child or spousal abuse

Alcoholism or drug addiction

Turning a child against the other parent

Unacceptable living conditions.

Having a Child Custody Arrangement Changed in Maryland

Each parent’s situation or lifestyle can change at any time, and child custody arrangements need to be changed. If you need to shift a visitation date or change a week you have custody, you and your spouse don’t need to go through a complicated legal process. But if one parent is moving out of state or wants to change custody arrangements, the family court must approve of any changes.

Department of Family Administration

Administrative Office of the Courts

2009 -A Commerce Park Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401


Family Courts in Maryland:

District Court of Maryland- Maryland

501 E Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202


Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County

8 Church Cir, Annapolis, MD 21401


Somerset County Circuit Court

30512 Prince William St, Princess Anne, MD 21853

You can have your child custody arrangement changed if you plan to move out of state or experience, becomes ill or experience a life change. You can file a petition with a family court near your location. Once your petition is received, you will be given a chance to demonstrate why a judge should approve of the changes you want.

Let USAttorneys connect you with child custody attorney in Maryland to assist you with any child custody matters you have. Our team of lawyers will work with you, your spouse and the family court to make sure all decisions are made with your child’s best interest in mind. Call and set up a consultation today.