A bitter child custody case ended in April in a way no parent could ever imagine. News 4 San Antonio says Karina Sornoza Deitering, 37, and her husband, Jason Deitering, were in the middle of a divorce and child custody case when Mrs. Deitering shot and killed her daughter Clara, 5, her son Robert, 3, her mother Galine Taypina, 68. She then turned the weapon on herself. Mr. Deitering had learned of his children’s death after he went to Mrs. Deitering’s home for a welfare check and saw through a window “the bodies in two of the beds.”

According to Jason Deitering’s lawyer, the divorce was a difficult one for the couple to get through and it began back in October of 2018. While the couple initially agreed that their children would live with their father for three weeks in Mississippi and then with their mother for three weeks in Texas while a court-ordered custody evaluation was being conducted, things “took a less amicable turn in January of this year.” The source says things began heading downhill after Mrs. Deitering obtained a restraining order against Jason which prevented him from seeing and visiting with his children.

Apparently, Mrs. Deitering alleged that one of her children was a victim of sexual abuse, and until a thorough investigation into the claims could be completed, Mr. Deitering was unable to see his kids. A psychologist assigned to the case later testified that “the child reported to her that her mother had told her that she was abused while the child was sleeping.” By the end of April, Judge David A. Canales had “found it in the best interest of the children that the rights to decide their primary residence be awarded to Jason.”

After the decision was made, the court also established that as of May 1st, Mr. Deitering would no longer be obligated to pay child support to his estranged wife.

Although the court decided that Mr. Deitering’s children would live primarily with him up until trial for the couple’s divorce case, Mrs. Deitering was awarded “liberal visitation.” A day after the judge made this ruling, Mrs. Deitering failed to show for a custody exchange which prompted Mr. Deitering to call the police so a welfare check could be conducted. Although officers were unable to make contact with Mrs. Deitering, they did not enter the home as they “did not have the authority to enter the apartment based on the information that was provided by [Mr. Deitering].”

Two days later, Mr. Deitering went to check for himself and after looking through a crack in the blinds, he discovered his children had been killed.

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