Find Mississippi Child Support Lawyers

When parents split, they have a lot of custody-related issues to contend with and problems that need to be worked out.  Parents often need help working out complicated issues related to child custody. One of those issues is child support and parents need to know how child support is determined and how you can get the amount needed for your son’s or daughter’s well-being.

How Do I Get Child Support in Mississippi?

When one parent is awarded custody, the expenses of a child’s upbringing is shifted from two parents to one parent. That’s a financial burden many people cannot shoulder alone so that they can seek child support. Under Mississippi law, each parent, whether they have custody or not, are financially responsible for their child and should contribute to their upbringing. If one parent is not willingly offering child support, the family court can force a custodial parent to pay child support.

If you are getting a divorce, you can request child support on your divorce petition. Your estranged husband or wife can contest the amount, and leave the decision up to the family court. USAttorneys recommends you enlist a child custody lawyer to help you with these complex custody issues. You can find devoted and knowledgeable attorneys who will work hard to resolve any child custody issues you may encounter.

Some couples don’t ask for child support when they divorce but find they need it later. As long as their child is under the age of 18, a custodial parent can file a request with a family court, and an amount can be determined at any time.

Family Courts in Mississippi:

Gulfport Municipal Court

2218 15th St, Gulfport, MS 39501


DeSoto County Chancery Court Clerk

2535 Hwy 51 S #104, Hernando, MS 38632


Jackson Municipal Court

327 E Pascagoula St, Jackson, MS 39201


How is Monthly Child Support Calculated?

Many factors are considered when trying to determine how much child support you should be awarded. In such matters, the best interests of a child will be the primary consideration of judges and family attorneys. To determine the amount, family court judges and child custody lawyers ask the following questions:

How much time does each parent spend with a child?

What is the net income of each parent?

What are the costs of living for the custodial parent?

Does the custodial parent get child support from another person?

Does the non-custodial parent have another household to support if they happen to remarry?

How much the custodial parent needs to maintain a child’s standard of living?

USAttorneys can help you find a child custody lawyer near your Mississippi location who can help you determined the amount of child custody you are should receive each month. If you and your ex-husband or ex-wife cannot come to a mutual decision, a family court judge will be the ultimate decider. That is why it is imperative you retain a child custody lawyer in Mississippi. Call and set up a consultation today.