Child custody lawyer in Nashville discusses some of the basics of child custody

Nashville, TN- Many couples in Tennessee who decide to divorce will need to deal with the issue of child custody. During their divorce, a couple must decide what child custody arrangement is appropriate, devise a visitation schedule, parenting plan, and child support. In this article, we will discuss child custody in Nashville, Tennessee.

Types of child custody arrangements in Tennessee

Parents can ask for sole custody or joint custody. But before a couple can choose the right custody arrangement they need to understand what options are available and what each parent’s responsibilities are when they are granted primary or joint custody.

Tennessee’s family courts prefer to joint custody arrangements because they allow a couple’s children to spend equal time with each parent. Such arrangements also give each parent input into how their children are raised and where children will spend their time.

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Tennessee’s family courts prefer joint custody arrangements but will always make their decisions according to the best interests of a child.

The details of a joint custody arrangement can vary depending on the needs of each child and their parents. The details of a joint custody arrangement can vary. For instance, a couple can decide on joint physical custody, while one parent makes decisions about a child’s upbringing, education and medical treatment exclusively.

Sole legal or physical custody is also an option. Such arrangements give one parent the right to make all decisions about a child’s upbringing and where they live. Sole custody is not favored by family courts unless there is a valid reason one parent should be denied access to their children because of abuse or neglect. When a sole custody arrangement is awarded, the non-custodial parent is still allowed to visit their child or children per the dictates of the family court.

What child custody arrangement do Tennessee’s family courts prefer?

As with family courts in most states, Tennessee’s courts prefer when parents pursue joint custody. This arrangement gives each parent voice and allows them to collectively make important decisions about their child’s education, medical care, and financial futures.

Can a parent be denied custody or visitation?

While joint custody is preferred, there are numerous situations in which it isn’t appropriate. If one parent poses a danger to a child, because of their actions or lifestyle, they can be denied joint custody and possibly visitation.
Family courts in Tennessee take several factors into consideration when determining child custody including child abuse, spousal abuse, drug abuse or alcoholism or abandonment of marriage and children. If a parent is denied physical custody because for any reason, they can also be denied visitation or only allowed to see their children with a supervisor present.

Child custody is a complicated issue, and we’ve only discussed some of the basics. If you live in Nashville and need assistance with any child custody issue, we recommend you call an attorney. USAttorneys can connect you with a child custody lawyer in Nashville. Call and set up a consultation today.