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It’s not usually easy for parents to come up with a child custody arrangement. Some estranged couples may be capable of co-parenting and can make joint custody work, but not all parents can put aside their differences to decide on an appropriate arrangement. When the family court is asked to step in and determine custody, they may request a parental evaluation first.

Co-Parenting Plans

Children do better in school and can adjust better to a changing environment when they can spend time with each parent. Regardless of how two parents feel about each other, their children need to spend time with their mom and dad, so co-parenting, or joint custody is preferred.

Co-parenting can be challenging at times for parents, so it is critical they understand what their obligations will be if they have a joint custody arrangement. This type of custody requires both parents to cooperate and coordinate with each other and work out details like transportation to and from school or doctor’s appointments. Not all estranged couples are capable of co-parenting which means they may need a different arrangement.

Child Custody Arrangements in Nevada

Several different child custody arrangements are possible in Nevada, so couples need to think about what will work best considering their circumstances. First, parents must decide who will have physical custody which means they are responsible for the daily care of a child, and who will have legal custody, the right to decide where a child gets their education, manage their healthcare and dictate their religious practices.

Joint and sole custody refer to which parent will be granted physical and legal custody of a child. Sole custody gives one parent exclusive right to decide where the child lives, where they go to school and when they can spend time with the other parent. Possible custody arrangements include:

Sole legal custody

Sole physical custody

Joint legal custody

Joint physical custody

Child Custody Evaluations

If a couple cannot agree on a child custody arrangement and there is enormous acrimony between them, a judge can request a child custody evaluation. It’s better if parents can agree to child custody arrangement, but sometimes that just isn’t possible, and the family courts have to intervene. When a family judge believes it’s necessary, they can ask for a child custody evaluation.

What is a child custody evaluation?

A child custody evaluation is a long process in which a third party observes each parent with their children. The point is to determine if each parent is capable of providing the care and financial support a child needs. A third-party evaluator conducts custody evaluations, and if you must go through such assessments, you may undergo:

In-home visits

Psychological testing and evaluations

Multiple interviews

The point of a custody evaluation is to assess each parent’s ability to provide the care and support a child needs. An evaluator looks at how a parent interacts with their child and if their lifestyle is conducive to good parenting. They also look at each parent’s psychology and ensure they are emotionally stable enough to nurture their child.

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

When you and your estranged husband or wife find it difficult to work together, a child custody lawyer in Nevada can help. They can lead negotiations and guide parents to a decision that is best for their child. can refer you to a local lawyer to help with your case.