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Do you and your estranged spouse share custody of your child? Do you Do you want to move out of state? Child custody arrangements may be a good fit for you and your estranged spouse at first, but as time goes by, you may need to adjust your custody arrangement. If you want to make major changes, you need to know the process and be aware that you may face resistance.

Reasons for Changing a Child Custody Arrangement

You can change a child custody arrangement or visitation if you need to, but you must have a valid reason like the following:

Change of employment or career

Out-of- state move

One parent remarries

It’s important to note that if you and your spouse have not formalized your child custody arrangement, neither has recourse to stop a parent from moving a child out of state.

Religious reasons

People move all the time, so an out-of-state move is one of the primary reasons New Hampshire parents request a change to a custody agreement. Generally, if you don’t plan to more than 100 miles, there is no need to involve the family court, but your spouse can challenge your decision. The parent who decides to move and take their children may be responsible for their child’s transportation to the other parent’s home.

If you do face resistance, a family court judge will look at the following to decide if the move or change to an arrangement is allowed. Family courts will ask the following if a parent wants to move a child out of state:

Did a parent get a better job?

Do they have an educational opportunity?

Will the moving spouse make more money?

Are they planning on remarrying?

How will the move affect a child’s relationship with the parent who remains in Michigan?

To make changes in the type of custody you have, your visitation schedule or to get permission to move a child out of state, you need to fill out a Modification of Parental Rights and Responsibilities form.

If you need request a change to your custody agreement, you need to file your petition with a local family court. We listed some locations below:

Salem Family Division

35 Geremonty Dr., Salem, NH 03079


Rockingham County Family Court

111 Parrott Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801


Rockingham County Family Court

10 NH-125, Brentwood, NH 03833

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