New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers and Attorneys Near You

Child custody can be an extremely acrimonious issue, so parents who split look to the family court to decide what arrangement works best for their child. With so much at stake, parents are understandably nervous about appearing before a family judge. If you are scheduled to appear before the family court, you can alleviate some of your worries and have a chance of prevailing in court if you arrive fully prepared.

How Can I Prepare for my child custody hearing?

If you are appearing before a family judge, you and your estranged spouse were unable to agree on a specific custody arrangement Below we will discuss some of the things you can do to prepare for your day in court. Your goal is to show a judge through various means why you deserve the child custody arrangement you are seeking.

Hire a Child Custody Attorney

A child custody hearing is a serious matter, and the outcome could dramatically affect your life. You need to have a strong voice in court to ensure you get the custody arrangement, child support and visitation schedule you want. can connect you to child custody lawyer in New Jersey to build your case. They can inform you what documents will be valuable in your case and prepare you to testify in court if it benefits your case.

Gather and Organize Your Documents

During your child custody hearing you may be asked to present the following documents:

Financial statements including bills, your child’s medical bills, costs of their education and other needs.

Income statements

Visitation schedule

Learn Court Room Etiquette

A parent hoping to be granted custody needs to act appropriately, or the court could see them as unfit. Your lawyer can discuss how you should act and tell you what to expect from your court appearance, so you can avoid any pitfalls that could impact the court’s decision.

Offer Personal Evidence

A judge needs to understand the relationship you have with your child when deciding what custody arrangement will be granted, so it helps to bring items to paint that picture.

You can collect personal evidence that might help your case and convince a judge you deserve child custody:

Photographs of you and your child together and family photo albums.

His or her report cards from school and activity schedule.

Memorabilia of special activities and vacations you did with your child

Video footage of you and your child

Family calendars

Character witnesses

Dress for Court

Your personal appearance can leave a lasting impression on the court, so you need to dress neatly and in the appropriate attire. Make sure looked well-groomed. If you look disheveled or unkempt, you could give a family judge the impression you are disorganized, and that could count against you when he or she is weighing all the evidence.

When you retain a family lawyer, they will protect your parental rights and work tirelessly to get the outcome you desire. Our team of child custody lawyers in New Jersey will make your case their number one priority. You can set up a free case evaluation and learn what you need to do to get the child custody arrangement you want.