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Are you getting a divorce in New York? Do you have children? Are you trying to work out custody with your estranged spouse? Do you have questions about what child custody arrangements are available and which one is best for your child? Most parents do, and has some of the answers you might find helpful if you are getting a divorce and need to make a decision about child custody.

What Are the Possible Child Custody Arrangements?

Joint legal custody

Joint physical custody

Sole legal custody

Sole physical custody

Most child custody arrangements are a combination of the above types of compensation. To find out about the different arrangement possible, you should speak to a child custody lawyer in New York. They can explain each arrangement and help you determine which is best for your child.

Is Joint Custody Preferred?

New York’s family court prefers to grant parents joint custody and will steer them into this arrangement if they are having trouble compromising. But it is important to remember your child comes first and their interests take precedent.

Experts in child psychology agree that children benefit from spending time with each parent. Children in joint custody arrangement perform better in school and have an easier time adjusting to their parent’s split. Children who spend time with a both parents are happier and have fewer health problems.

There has been an assumption that shuttling a child from one parent’s home to the next, but studies have shown that children are not affected by custody schedules.

Family Courts

Because children benefit from the guidance and support of both parents, New York’s family court prefers to award joint custody to parents. Joint legal and physical custody arrangements are typical and work wonderfully for many parents in New York.

New York’s family courts will not grant joint custody if one parent poses a danger to a child, had a drug problem or poses a risk to a child.

If you are unsure what custody arrangement is possible and what will be more beneficial for your child, we recommend you speak with a child custody lawyer in North Carolina. Our outstanding team of lawyers will help you decide what child custody arrangement is best for you and your children. Our child custody lawyers can help you with the following custody-related issues:

Change a custody arrangement

Get child support

Develop a visitation schedule

Custody evaluations

Call one of our family lawyers and get the answers you need about child custody and learn the best route to take in your case. At, finding the right attorneys is easy, and with just a couple of clicks you could find the right person to take on your case. When you have legal counsel, you can have confidence that your rights are protected and the best interests of your child will be the most important issue.