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North Carolina Child Custody and Support Lawyers and Attorneys

Parents who are divorcing face a bevy of difficult decisions many of which center around their child. For some couples, child custody is difficult to work out, partly because they don’t understand what each arrangement entails and what is in the best interest of their child. You can only make the best decision for your child if you understand North Carolina’s child custody laws.

Child Custody Arrangements in North Carolina

Legal custody- A parent who is granted legal custody has the right to make a critical decision about their child’s life including their education and medical decisions.

Physical custody- This custody arrangement refers to which parent a child lives with and who is primarily responsible for the day-to-day care of a child.

Joint custody- In joint custody arrangements, a child splits their time living with each parent.

Sole custody- Sole custody gives one parent custody of their child and grants visitation to the other parent.

North Carolina Child Custody Laws

How do North Carolina family courts decide child custody?

Family courts in North Carolina no longer give mothers preferential treatment when it comes to determining a custody arrangement. Presently, family courts consider what is in the bests interest of a child when making their decision about custody though there is a preference for custody arrangements that allow a child time to spend with

A parent can be denied custody or visitation for the following reasons:

History or physical or sexual abuse

Drug addiction

Unacceptable living conditions

Financial instability

Who is allowed visitation?

Parents are allowed visitation if his or her former spouse is awarded physical custody. Under North Carolina law, grandparents are also eligible for visitation, and a child’s custodial parent is legally obliged to allow visitation to a grandparent.

Visitation Schedules

If a couple is awarded joint or sole custody, they are going to need a visitation schedule. They can allow the court to work out one for them, but they are advised to

The possibilities for visitation are endless, and that is why a child’s parents should be in charge of making such important decisions. Only a parent knows what will work best for his or her work schedule, so it’s easier to leave this decision in the

If visitation has become contentious and the couple cannot agree with each other, it’s probably wise to let a third-party step in and help a couple of compromise. Once you and your former spouse come up with a visitation schedule, it must be approved by a family judge.

Child custody is a multi-faceted issue, and it can become too acrimonious and complicated without a legal expert on your side. can point you in the direction of an experienced and compassionate child custody lawyer in North Carolina. You can count on our team of lawyers to stand up for your rights and fight to make sure your child’s well-being is at the center of any custody decision you need to make.

Family courts in North Carolina:

Chatham County Clerk of Court

40 E Chatham St, Pittsboro, NC 27312


Wake County Clerk of Superior Court

16 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601


Trial Court Administrator

316 Princess St #323, Wilmington, NC 28401