Our North Carolina Child Support Lawyers and Custody Attorneys Can Help You

Child custody matters can sometimes lead to on-going battles for some families that make life difficult for both the parents and the child or children. When two individuals elect to have a child, they usually aren’t considering how their time is going to be divided and who is going to be responsible for raising their children. However, as we have learned, not everything works out the way we expect and sometimes divorces occur or children are born out of wedlock with two parents who aren’t looking to maintain a healthy relationship. This can make for a difficult situation as both may want to be involved in their child’s life but aren’t willing to work together to make this happen.

In the event you are experiencing a similar situation where you are looking to obtain custody but can’t seem to come to any sort of agreement with your ex-spouse, our child custody attorneys in North Dakota can surely help you through this rough time. Your children are your top priority and you want to be sure that you are an active participant in their life. Whether you are a mother or father, you have rights as a parent and those shouldn’t be taken away from you if you are willing to provide your kids with a healthy and stable lifestyle that contributes to their wellbeing.


Understanding One Important Aspect of Child Custody: Visitation

When the custody of a child is being determined, the discussion usually entails how their time is going to split between parents. This brings us to the topic of visitation. In the state of North Dakota, there are certain laws that apply to those dealing with a child custody matter and some of them are explained below.

  • The first thing you want to keep in mind is that the enforcement of child support and the enforcement of parenting time are two separate issues and should be handled accordingly. According to the North Dakota Department of Human Services, just because one parent may not be required to pay child support doesn’t give the other parent the right to prohibit them from seeing or spending time with their child. Of course, if there is a restraining order or some other type of court order that states they are not permitted to see their child, then this is a different case.

If this is something you are currently struggling with and are looking to have your matter re-evaluated where you gain back some of your child custody rights, our child custody lawyers in North Dakota are more than capable of helping you to get this accomplished.

Parenting Plans

  • According to state law N.D.C.C. § 14-09-30, a parenting plan is expected to be developed whether custody is being established or modified. In the event both parents aren’t able to come to an agreement on a particular parenting plan that meets the courts requirements, the court will issue one considering the bests interests of the child.

Our featured child custody attorneys not only represent their clients in the court of law but can also speak on their client’s behalf in the event the parents aren’t on talking terms. Sometimes these child custody matters arise out an ugly divorce which makes it harder for the parents to want to formulate a plan together which is one reason why having our legal counsel is rather beneficial. Therefore, give us a call today so you can be on your way to receiving the help you need that can avoid jeopardizing your time with your children.