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When a child custody matter arises in a family’s life, it is often stressful, overwhelming, and emotional for everyone involved. Most cases involving child custody arise from a divorce or legal separation. One of the most important aspects that needs to be covered when discussing child custody and a parenting plan is the wellbeing of the child or children. Although you may find it difficult to come to terms with your ex-spouse as your divorce was unexpected and unwanted, the courts are going to expect that your child’s best interests are given top priority in the matter so that they aren’t negatively impacted from this situation.

Of course, it is expected for a child to struggle a bit with the idea that their parent’s aren’t going to be living under the same roof any longer, however, coming to some sort of agreement with your ex-spouse can help remove some of the stress that already exists. The child custody lawyers in Ohio featured here on USAttorneys can help parents dealing with custody disputes come to an agreement and help speed up the process of getting the matter settled.

What Do the Ohio Courts Use to Determine What the Best Interests of a Child Are?

There are certain principles that both the courts and parents must take into consideration when developing a parenting plan. According to Chapter 3109, 3109.401 of the Ohio Revised Code, some of these principles are as follows:

  1. The children involved are provided with a parenting arrangement that provides the best environment for their safety, emotional growth, health, stability, and physical care.
  2. The exposure to harmful parental conflict should be minimized.
  3. Parents are encouraged to meet their responsibilities to their children through agreements conducted themselves rather than relying on judicial intervention to do so.
  4. If the parent plan devised notes that there will be mutual decision-making but both parents are unable to come to an agreement, they should use a mediation process to help derive at a mutual decision.
  5. The court should not impose a specific schedule for days of special importance unless it is not in the best interest of the child to spend certain holidays, vacations, birthdays, etc. with one parent or the other.

Creating a parenting plan is one step in the process of child custody and you want to be sure you and your child receive what is best given these particular circumstances.  Our reputable child custody attorneys in Ohio understand how difficult these matters can be and will help you throughout the entire process, even with developing your parenting plan.

What Are Your Rights as a Parent in a Child Custody Battle? 

If you wish to learn more about your rights as a parent and what laws apply to your situation, contact us today and allow an agent of ours to help you retain assistance from a reputable Ohio child custody attorney today. Your child’s wellbeing shouldn’t be jeopardized nor should your time allocated to spend with them be.

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