Fear Of Losing Your Kids To A Divorce? Hire A Child Custody Lawyer Now

While it is one thing to go through a divorce, it is entirely different to have to endure the stress associated with determining custody when children are involved. Unfortunately, this is often one aspect that comes into play when a divorce occurs as the parents now need to decide how they want to divide up their time between their children. Although one parent may be under the impression that they should be granted more time, the other may be in disagreement which has ultimately led to a battle.

If you are looking to obtain full custody over your child or children, you are going to first want to secure an Oklahoma child custody attorney who is familiar with the state laws and statutes and take the proper action to help get you closer to obtaining your goal which of course is being with your children.

What are the Two Types of Custody in Oklahoma?

If your custody dispute is being handled in the state of Oklahoma, then you want to be aware of the laws that apply in this particular state. There are two types of custody that can be granted, either individually or collectively.

The first type is legal custody. This gives a parent the right to make major decisions regarding their child’s life who are under the age of 18. For instance, if you currently have legal custody you are able to provide your input as to where you child attends to school or whether you allow them to undergo a surgical procedure. It is important that if you have already been granted this type of custody that your child’s other parent respect your wishes.

Our child custody attorneys in Oklahoma can assist any parent who has already been granted custody but is being prohibited to make any decisions or provide their opinion regarding any life matters.

What is Physical Custody?

When a parent is authorized to have physical custody of their child, and this may be what you are hoping to attain, then you would have possession of your child and be in control. The person who has physical custody would be responsible for things like bathing, feeding, and taking your child to their doctor’s appointment.

If the physical custody is split between parents, then both are responsible for taking care of their kids while they are in their presence.

Do I Need to Hire an Oklahoma Child Custody Attorney?

Although it isn’t always necessary to seek legal aid, don’t you want to go into this custody hearing well-prepared and informed on what your rights are as a parent? Don’t you want to increase your chances of obtaining an outcome that makes you and your child happy? More than likely you do, therefore, we encourage you to give us a call now and let an agent find you a nearby OK child custody lawyer who can provide you with the advice and assistance you need.