Do I Really Need A Child Custody Lawyer in Pennsylvania?

Is your ex-spouse-threatening to take your children away from you? Are you recently separated and fear he/she may use something against you that could potentially harm your chances of obtaining full custody of your kids? If so, you don’t want to wait to take on a legal representative to represent your case. Our Pennsylvania child custody attorneys are aggressive and knowledgeable in this particular field of law and will fight for the outcome you so desire.

Need a Child Custody Attorney in Pennsylvania to Intervene?

Child custody along with divorce, child support, alimony, etc. generally are stressful and even emotional matters that truly benefit by having a family law attorney working on your side. While some parents are able to devise a plan where both equally see their kids on a continual basis, others aren’t able to come to terms as to how they want to share their time. One parent can be more aggressive than the other and demand they have full custody which can make the situation hostile and difficult to settle.

If you are looking to gain some legal advice on how to go about getting full custody of your children or wish to hire a Pennsylvania child custody attorney in your city, we will be more than happy to help you with this.

What Types of Custody are Awarded in the State of Pennsylvania?

There are seven types of custody arrangements and it is important that any parent currently going through a matter where custody is being discussed understands these. According to state statute § 5322, the following definitions are used to describe each type of custody.

  1. Shared physical custody- This is when both parents have the right to spend time with their children.
  2. Primary physical custody- This is when a parent is granted with the right to assume physical custody of the child for the majority of the time.
  3. Partial physical custody- A parent who has been granted partial physical custody only spends half of the majority of the time with their child.
  4. Sole physical custody- This permits an individual to exclusive legal custody of the child. Legal custody grants a person with the right to make major decisions on behalf of the child, including those involving medical, religious, and educational decisions.
  5. Supervised physical custody- This is when an individual is granted time to spend with their child but is monitored by a court appointed adult or someone in which both parties have agreed upon.
  6. Shared legal custody-This means that more than one individual is granted legal custody of the child, hence, both would permitted to make major decisions regarding the child.
  7. Sole legal custody- When only one parent or individual is permitted to make major decisions on behalf of the child.

Understanding what your rights are as a parent in a child custody battle may not always be that clear, especially when you have your ex-spouse accusing you of not being a competent parent. To avoid losing time with your kids, give us a call today. We want to help get you connected with the best child custody lawyers in Pennsylvania to aid you with your matter.