Child Custody Attorneys and Lawyers in South Dakota

Divorces can be devastating to a family. Routines that seemed like they would last forever are now broken and parents are forced to figure out a new way of living that accommodates them and their children. Going through a divorce can be challenging simply because serious life decisions need to be made such as who gets more custody over their child. However, both parents need to work together to create a parenting plan that has the children’s best interest as top priority.

If you are recently divorced, considering divorce, or are separating from your partner and child custody is going to be an issue, consider calling us up in order to get connected with one of our understanding and compassionate child custody attorneys in the state of South Dakota. One of the most important things you and your ex-spouse or partner can do is make every attempt to create a parenting plan that will get your hearing settled quicker so you both can begin moving on in your separate directions.

Do Me and My Ex Need to Create a Parenting Agreement?

Disagreements are expected when it comes to a child custody matter, especially if there are feelings of anger toward your child’s other parent. It is normal to not want to agree with them or make anything in their life easier as they have just created a riff in yours. But, the Courts are going to want to see some sort of parenting arrangement that is conducive to the child and allows them to spend ample time with both parents. Of course, there are exceptions to this, especially when abuse and neglect are a key role in why you are filing for child custody in the first place. But, in most cases, child custody is often brought up when two people no longer wish to be in a relationship together.

What if Me and My Ex Cannot Agree on a Parenting Plan?

One way to help solve this issue is to have a South Dakota child custody attorney intervene and try and help the both of you. They deal with these types of issues regularly so they know what to expect. They are willing to understand both sides and can serve as a mediator to help you and your ex come together for the moment to get this matter handled and settled.

But, if you cannot seem to come to terms and you and your child’s other parent refuse to agree on a parenting plan that covers your child’s education, health, and where they will spend more time, then the Courts will use the South Dakota Parenting Guidelines and they will become a mandatory parenting plan that will take effect.

One of the most important things that is expected to come out of a child custody hearing is that your kids continue to receive the basic the care and love they require. You want to make this transition as smooth as possible and that can sometimes be difficult when you have an uncompliant parent who simply wishes to make the matter impossible to get through.

Are There Any Experienced Child Custody Lawyers Nearby to Me?

This is a great question and one USAttorneys can answer. There are attorneys who practice in the field of child custody all throughout the state of South Dakota and we can help you find them. You want someone with experience and we are the team to find them for you. Give us a call today and we will gladly begin assisting you.