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Child visitation can be contentious and hard to resolve without having the assistance of a child custody lawyer in St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO- Divorce entails emotionally wrought and complicated issues, some of which can be difficult to resolve. One of those issues is child custody and visitation, and they can create a lot of tension between a couple. In this article, we will explain some basics about child visitation in St. Louis.

When is a child visitation schedule necessary?  

Family courts in Missouri prefer joint custody arrangements, but that is not always a possibility for divorcing couples. When joint custody is not possible, a couple must devise a child visitation plan which can be complicated and acrimonious.

If a couple decides to share custody, they need to work out what days of the week each parent will get to spend with each parent. Some couples have weekly visitation on the same day or days a week. One parent can have custody during the week while the other spouse gets weekend custody or visitation.

A visitation schedule can include as many visits as a couple agrees to and can be modified as the needs of each parent changes. Family courts usually approve changes if neither spouse objects but each parent will have to demonstrate a need for any changes if one spouses objects.

Who can request visitation in St. Louis?

Parents aren’t the only ones to be impacted by divorce; it affects a child’s grandparents and siblings, so they are also allowed visitation.

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Visitation schedules can be modified with approval of the family court.

Can a parent be denied visitation?

Missouri’s family courts don’t like to deny a parent visitation, but sometimes it is necessary for the safety of a couple’s child or children. If one parent was abusive or has a history of drug use, a family judge can deny that parent visitation or limit them to supervised visitation.

Can my spouse and I come up with a visitation schedule without the court?

The fact is, family courts in Missouri are fine with parents coming up with a visitation schedule without input from the court. Once you and your ex-spouse agree on visitation, you must get the approval of the court before it is valid.

A judge can decide for you if you and your estranged spouse cannot agree on a visitation schedule, but you may not be able to challenge their decision. A couple will have more input in a visitation schedule by enlisting a child custody attorney.

If you need help coming up with a visitation schedule or need to change arrangements, USAttorneys suggest you contact child custody lawyer Barbara Behrens and set up a consultation. You can contact her St. Louis office by calling 314-499-6999. She has experience with Missouri’s family courts and will help you resolve any of your visitation disputes.

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Parents must petition the family court if they would like to change a child custody arrangement or visitation schedule.

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