Seek Help From A Utah Child Custody Attorney or Lawyer

When child custody is being determined in the state of Utah, the most important thing the Utah Courts are going to focus on is what the child’s best interests are. Generally, parents are given the opportunity to create a parent time arrangement where they decide how their time is split between their kids as long as it is in their child’s best interest. If it is not and a party cannot agree on a custody arrangement for their kids, the courts will then order a custody arrangement. A Utah court will use some of the following factors, to determine what exactly is in the child’s best interest.

  • The parents conduct and moral standards.
  • Which parent has a greater chance of acting in the child’s best interest.
  • Which parent isn’t going to be opposed to allowing the child to make contact with the other parent.
  • The depth, quality, and nature of the relationship the child and parent hold.
  • Which parent the child prefers to live with.

Keep in mind that some of these factors might not apply to your particular situation and there may be some that aren’t listed that would. And while a judge is going to take into consideration what your child or children prefer, regardless of their age, this will not be the only deciding factor in how time is split or which parent is going to be granted sole custody.

When is it necessary to hire a child custody lawyer?

Some reasons you might want to consider hiring a child custody attorney in Utah is if you are looking to file for child custody, have questions regarding it, are in the midst of a child custody battle, or want to increase your chances of getting joint legal and physical custody.

There are various laws that come into play and some you really ought to be aware of. Sometimes only one parent comes prepared and has an attorney representing them which in return allows them to get exactly what they want. You want to be this parent. The parent who is prepared and ready to gain as much custody of your children as possible. Hiring a professional who deals with child custody matters on a daily basis is the type of person you need working on your side.

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You need someone who is going to be compassionate as any child custody situation can become stressful, strenuous, and overwhelming. You also want someone who is local to you in the event you have a rising question. Of course, you can always call them on the phone but being able to go and speak with your lawyer personally is always better. Because we understand this here at USAttorneys, we would like to offer you the chance to find a Utah child custody attorney who might be practicing in your area.

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