Looking For A Washington Child Custody Lawyer? Look No Further

In the state of Washington, custody is referred to as a “parenting plan” or “residential schedules.” When two people have a child together but aren’t married, a parenting plan is developed to determine how their time is going to be split between their child if they separate. Before a parenting plan can be devised, a parent-child relationship must be established first. This can be done in a number of different ways including:

  • The woman gave birth to the child.
  • An adjunction of the person’s parentage.
  • Adoption of the child by the person.
  • “An affidavit and physician’s certificate in a form prescribed by the department of health wherein the donor of eggs or surrogate gestation carrier sets forth her intent to be legally bound as the parent of a child or children born through assisted reproduction by filing the affidavit and physician’s certificate with the registrar of vital statistics within ten days after the date of the child’s birth” (RCW 26.26.101).
  • The male has signed an acknowledgement of paternity.
  • A valid surrogate parentage contract is provided.

There are many factors that come into play when discussing a parenting plan that makes it suitable for your child and each must be addressed fully before the agreement is finalized.

If you need assistance with your parenting plan or wish to obtain legal input as to what your rights are as a parent, USAttorneys can help you find a child custody attorney in the state of Washington.

Am I required to attend court to get my parenting plan?

Whether you and your ex have come to terms that your relationship has ended but you want your time divided equally and you feel you have the best strategy to get this accomplished, you can present your parenting plan to the courts. If they approve it, then it becomes legally abiding by both parties. However, sometimes a matter involving child custody or the development of a parenting plan isn’t always easy for two individuals to agree upon.

Therefore, you can either seek mediation which will help you create a parenting plan that places your child’s best interest first or the courts will devise one for you using information they feel is best to help make this decision. Mediation is a way for you to talk through your problems and help develop a plan that allows you and your child’s other parent to both get the time you want with your child but not compromise their wellbeing.

Many of the featured Washington child custody attorneys on our site are able to serve as a mediator should you need one to help get your custody matter resolved. Although this only one method to help get your matter settled, there are other ways you can do this which can be discussed with any of the lawyer recommended on our site.

Whether you are in the midst of a legal battle or are simply looking for answers to some questions you might have, let USAttorneys.com find the right child custody lawyer in Washington for you free of charge. These matters are often strenuous on you and your family which is why you want as much support as you can get.