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There are certain objectives that need to be addressed in a child custody matter in the state of West Virginia. The West Virginia Legislature highlights some of the important topics that are generally discussed which include:

  • Stability of the child
  • Your parenting plan and an agreement on how the child’s custodial arrangements and upbringing will be handled.
  • Continuity of any existing parent-child attachments.
  • There is a plan for meaningful contact to be made between the child and both their parents.
  • Caretaking relationships are established by adults who love the child and are going to provide the necessities they require. The caretakers should place the child as top priority.
  • How is the child going to kept from physical and emotional harm?
  • Avoiding prolonged decisions or arrangements.
  • Achieve fairness between both parents if the given circumstances call for this.

You have to remember that while this may be hard for you to digest as you may also be experiencing a significant amount of stress and anger, it is equally taxing on your children. As difficult as it may be, the courts have designed a specific procedure to be followed simply because the children need to be considered throughout the entire process. While you may be looking to be awarded sole custody or want your children to spend more or time with you, you need to keep their best interest in mind when creating a parenting Plan or a visitation schedule.

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Will I be required to attend parent education classes?

Divorce, child custody, and child support matters are all known to bring upon more stress and strain in a relationship. Because you want to ensure you are making these adjustment as easy as possible for your child, many times the courts will require an assigned class that educates parents on the effects of divorce and custody disputes on their children. They also teach parents ways to help their child minimize any trauma they may be experiencing during this confusing time.

While certain circumstances may not call for parents to attend parenting classes, if the court orders you to attend, they may establish sanctions for failing to do so.

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