What is in a shared parenting plan in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield, CA – Once any custody dispute is completed, there will need to be a parenting plan in place. This is a document that shows many pieces of information, such as where the child will be at each point during the week or month, who has visitation rights, and any exceptions for special events like birthdays, holidays, and vacations. Lawyers routinely advocate for clients who have a hearing to determine custody in court, but parenting plans can also be created in other ways, such as through a settlement.   

How is the parenting plan created?

Bakersfield divorce lawyers recommend that the best case scenario is if the parents can come up with the plan on their own through a settlement tied to their divorce case or sessions with a neutral mediator. This means that the time, expense, and formalities of court are not required, and the plan created by the two parents outside of the courtroom can be approved and put into place. In cases where there cannot be an agreement, the judge will have to look to find the best interests of the child based on evaluating the background of each parent and the practicalities of their schedules. The judge will have the final decision regarding what the plan looks like in cases that go to court. 

Information included in the plan

There are various templates available that help the parents create a plan that will work and be easy to reference in the future. As a general rule, it is best for these plans to be as comprehensive as possible and give guidance regarding contingencies. The plan should list the names of the two parents and any children affected by the plan. When custody exchanges need to happen, this should be indicated by which parent will be responsible for transportation and when the exchange will take place. Many parents will choose to alternate weeks or every few days with the child in situations where there is an even custody split. There should also be information about care by third parties if there is ever a lapse in custody between the parents where daycare or other similar services will be needed. 

Modifying the plan

Once the plan is in place, it can only be modified through a formal agreement between the parents or by the judge who has presided over the case. A parent cannot simply make changes on their own, as this is considered a serious violation of a custody order. Bakersfield custody lawyers should be contacted for assistance with plan modifications. 

Getting in touch with a lawyer in Bakersfield

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