Most individuals agree that getting divorced seemed to affect their children more than it affected them. This can be a hard pill to swallow, and all too often, parents are forced to deal with the painful emotional separation alongside the guilt of having potentially damaged their children’s happiness.

Often, children are very negatively affected by the divorce process. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, children who are treated in an appropriate manner during the separation can get through the entire procedure with minimum emotional pain and damage done to them.

The important fact to remember is that violent and volatile separations will most likely damage children on a mental level. However, if the parents are calm and collected about everything, and also if they inform the children about what is happening and why it is happening then they will not have to be traumatized by the experience.

The most integral aspect to clarify with children is the aspect of child custody and who each child will be living for and for how long they will be living in that arrangement.

Some important facts to keep in mind when discussing child custody with the children include:

  • Talking to each child individually to make them feel loved and important
  • Explaining to each child that every measure is being taken to ensure the happiness of everyone in the family
  • Explaining to the children that sometimes marriages do not work out and it is okay to live in a different family structure than what is seen as the norm

What factors are taken into consideration by the court when deciding child custody?


When deciding child custody arrangements, the court will look at many different factors. However, the number one factor will always be the best interest of the child. Wherever the judge believes the children will be given a loving home and environment then they will most likely prioritize that parent over the other. First and foremost, childcare arrangements and stability will be examined. In most cases, judges will prefer to keep children in the current place of residence where they are living in and will not prefer that they move out with the parent who is moving out.

They will also look at which parent was responsible for taking care of the children before the divorce took place and which parent is more capable of meeting all of their emotional, spiritual, and financial needs. It can be a tough decision at times, but there is always the option of choosing children to remain with one parent for a certain amount of days and another parent for other days. A child custody lawyer in Rockville, MD can help a person put together their case so that they get the living arrangement which they believe is best for them and their family.