Find A Wyoming Child Custody Lawyer or Divorce Attorney

If you are recently divorced or separated and are contemplating on making your child’s custody agreement legal between you and your ex, there are certain things you want to do to ensure you increase your chances of winning your child custody case in the state of Wyoming. Some tips are provided below on behalf of Huffington Post.

  • You DO want to portray the role of the primary care giver– In many households you will find that one parent is primarily responsible for tending to your child’s basic needs, i.e. eating, bathing, washing clothes, etc. That person usually has the upper hand in a child custody case as they already display the signs that demonstrate they are going to do what it takes to provide for their child.


  • Play an ACTIVE role in your child’s schedule and activities they take part in– Depending on your child’s age, they may be more engaged in things like sports, dance, or other extracurricular activities. You want to court to see that you truly care about your child’s wellbeing and you want to see them excel in the things that make them happy. Other things you should know are your child’s teacher’s names, who they go on play dates with if that is applicable, and you also should be attending their school conferences should one be scheduled.


  • You DO want to avoid engaging in alcohol or drug use- If you find yourself using drugs or consuming alcohol casually, you run the risk of being accused of substance abuse. Wyoming courts take this very seriously as they don’t want the child placed in a home where they may be placed in danger. If you have a drug or alcohol issue, you should seek treatment to help resolve the issue to get you off and away from whatever it is you may be consuming. This could jeopardize your chances of getting any time with your children so it is best to avoid it completely.


  • You WANT to speak respectfully when addressing your child’s other parent- Of course there are times when your child’s other parent may not be the role model they need in their life but for the most part, when a couple splits, both parents want to actively participate in their child’s life. This means you want to encourage that their relationship get stronger and grow and the courts like to see this. It is frowned upon when a parent bashes or speaks rudely regarding their child’s other parent.


This is generally more difficult to accomplish seeing that you and your ex may not get along but you must remember that your relationship and the relationship your child has with them are two different things. If you would like some legal assistance regarding this, some of the featured Wyoming child custody attorneys found on our site may be able to serve as a mediator for you and your ex to help you agree on certain things regarding your child.

If you would like to learn more about how you can obtain an outcome you want when it comes to child custody matters, consult with a Wyoming custody attorney recommended on our site. You can start by giving us a call here at and we will help get you connected with the right legal professional.